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The Forgotten Season 1 DVD Box Set


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  • Product Information of The Forgotten Season 1 DVD Box Set

    Leading Role:Christian Slater, Michelle Borth, Rochelle Aytes, Heather Stephens, Anthony       Director:Carrigan, Bob Stephenson          
    TV Series Release Date:2010
    Studio:Sony Pictures
    Aspect Ratio:1.78 : 1
    Sound Mix:Dolby Digital
    Language:English with removable subtitles
    Format:Support both NTSC & PAL
    Boxed Set:Season 1
    Discs:6 pcs
    Weight:0.5 kg

    Summary of  The Forgotten Season 1 DVD Box Set
         A group of dedicated, amateur detectives, the members of the Forgotten Network, attempt to reconstruct the pieces of these John and Jane Does' lives from what little evidence is left behind. Each episode is narrated by a "body" who watches the team as they pursue the tantalizingly difficult challenge of figuring out who this victim once was. Why would anyone volunteer for such a grim task? As new recruit Tyler Davies quickly discovers, each of the members of the team has his or her own reasons for volunteering for the Network. Alex Donovan is a former cop, whose then 8-year-old daughter was kidnapped two years ago and has never been found. Lindsey Drake, the woman who runs the network from her home, is a virtual recluse whose husband is a convicted murderer. Walter Bailey does stake outs