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The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set


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  • Product Information of The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set

    Actors: Shohreh Aghdashloo,Cas Anvar
    Boxed Set: Yes    
    Number of discs: 9
    Condition: New    
    Region: Region Free    
    Weight: 1 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL    
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)    
    DVD Release Date: 2017

    The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set

    Summary of The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set

    Unexpectedly at a technological disadvantage, the Martian ship takes heavy damage, and Shed Garvey is killed by a railgun shot. As the Donnager is being boarded,The Expanse Seasons 1-3 DVD the surviving Canterbury crew are evacuated on the Martian captain's orders, narrowly escaping aboard a small corvette immediately before the Donnager self-destructs to avoid capture. Far out at Tycho Station, where a massive generation ship, the Nauvoo, is being built on behalf of the Mormon Church, station manager Fred Johnson turns the Nauvoo's sensors towards the battle.On Ceres, Miller identifies the dead "Nightbandit31" as a data broker with an implanted, encrypted memory storage. In the asteroid belt, the Donnager's pursuer reveals itself as six ships of the type that had attacked the Canterbury,The Expanse Seasons 1-3 and begin firing torpedoes.